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Warrior Two

Our Warrior Two package includes the online course and The Language Learner Guidebook. A one-two punch! The course will give you powerful principles to help you learn a language, and the book will teach you, through a series of stories, how to put those principles into action. It also includes a workbook in the back, if you like that kind of thing.

The Language Learner Guidebook

Did you know that language learning could be fun, interesting and inspiring? Neither did we! But Dr. Shane Dixon has worked his magic with the publishing of his book "The Language Learner Guidebook". It includes stories, instruction, theories, practical applications and more. With over 25 years of language learning and language teaching experience, Dr. Dixon has made some fascinating discoveries that he passes on to you. Discoveries that will help you to actually learn a language. And somehow he manages to do that in a very enjoyable way. This is more than a guidebook, it's an all-around interesting and entertaining read. But if you're wanting to learn a language this book is invaluable.

Learning How to Learn a Language (Online Course)

Why do people fail to learn a language? What are the secrets of those who are successful? Come on a journey with Dr. Shane Dixon and Dr. Justin Shewell as they help to explain the science behind your brain! In this online course you will learn about two major groups: those who fail, and those who succeed. By learning about the pitfalls that language learners fall into and learning the principles upon which languages are learned, you will be able to create a language ecosystem that will boost your language learning power and help you actually learn a language.
Our course is sold on Udemy. Click to purchase our book and receive a link to access the course. (The link will be emailed to you upon purchase.) You will need to buy the course separately from Udemy.



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