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The Language Learner Guidebook

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Did you know that language learning could be fun, interesting and inspiring? Neither did we! But Dr. Shane Dixon has worked his magic with the publishing of his book "The Language Learner Guidebook". It includes stories, instruction, theories, practical applications and more. With over 25 years of language learning and language teaching experience, Dr. Dixon has made some fascinating discoveries that he passes on to you. Discoveries that will help you to actually learn a language. And somehow he manages to do that in a very enjoyable way. This is more than a guidebook, it's an all-around interesting and entertaining read. But if you're wanting to learn a language this book is invaluable.

Read a sample chapter HERE.

Warrior One
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The Language Learner Guidebook paired with our online course is a no-brainer. This is unlike any language learning book on the market—it's actually fun to read! It also includes a strategy workbook to raise your probability of success. Read a sample HERE.
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Special Callout
Language Warriors possesses the only Language Map on the market. Paired with the course and the book, the language map will keep you on task with language "missions" every week for a year. Get it for 50% off when you buy all three! Learn more HERE.

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